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Having a masquerade party can be a whole lot of fun. It can be one night when everyone gets to be someone else for a change. I once went to one in a beautiful hall. It looked like Victorian England with everyone dresses in tuxedos and ball gowns. On the way in everyone got a masquerade mask and you could hardly tell who anyone was. They really got to have a lot of fun. I think that as time went on we lost a lot of that formality. People tend to think of formality as being a bad thing but it can be spectacular and larger than life. Formality is what makes weddings so great in my opinion. It is what makes people feel special and fancy.

Men may not like it as much as women do but what woman wouldn’t want to wear a fancy gown like back in the old days and have a man in a tux and white gloves ask her to dance? It can be a lot of fun for the men too. They get to look their best and dance with a woman who is all dressed up just for him. It puts a premium on manners and traditions. Formal events like this can be an experience to remember for the rest of your life. It is almost like a grown up cotillion. It is a chance for everyone to be on their best behavior but still have the best time you can possibly imagine.

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MY CRANE GETS RENTED A LOTI own an equipment rental business.

One of our most popular rental items is a crane.

If you had asked me years ago when I first got in the business that I’d need at least two cranes and a couple of operators on standby I would have laughed in your face.

I thought I’d be renting things like roto tillers and large trucks. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my crane hire business would be so busy, but years ago there wasn’t a lot of high rise building going on, either.

Before I rent you my crane I need to know some information. I need to know if you need one of my operators. I need to know how heavy a load you want us to lift. I need to know where exactly the lift is taking place and that’s not just an address. I need to know where outside the building the crane will be sitting.

I need to know if the ground is solid there and if there are any underground structures we need to be aware of. I need to know where all the power lines are located on the site.

I need to know how tall the building is we’re lifting up to and how far away from the edge of the building we are expected to place your load. I need to know how and where the crane will be entering the property and that you have all the proper liability insurance in place.

Once all this is sorted out, we can get down to business!

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My brother’s divorce lawyer was awful. He was sloppy, was always late and returned calls and e-mails sometimes days later. I know it drove Michael nuts but he was friends with the guy and was convinced that was the only way he’d get a divorce without a lot of problems.

When our cousin told us at Christmastime about his upcoming divorce I couldn’t help but think about what Michael went through. I offered to help find the right family lawyer in Brisbane.

It was not as easy as I thought it would be, but I did eventually find one. I had some simple criteria I was using which included: being tidy, organized and attentive to the needs of my cousin. I also wanted the lawyer to have some experience in family law. The one I found actually attends continuing education courses on a regular basis. That really impressed me.

Other things I was looking for included: a good communicator, honesty, trustworthiness and a team player who would include my cousin in every aspect of the proceedings and offer support while going through them.

The lawyer I found was all these things and much more. Even after the divorce was settled, he kept in touch for a few months to make sure everything was okay. He even calls at least once a year now just to check in and find out what’s going on. I think that is incredible.

The interesting thing is that he wasn’t as expensive as I thought he’d be and we’ve even sent him more business!

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Top-Selling Used Rims If you are looking for used rims I can help you find single alloy rims whether for foreign or US cars and trucks and older models. It’s always difficult to provide replacement parts for older models and cherished collector’s items. Contact me for rims, single rims or other difficult to access  vehicle parts.

Top selling used rims include anything from rims to fit  a Dodge van to a mini cooper or  a Chevrolet corvette. Porsche rims, Lexus or Audi  used rims figure prominently in the listings of top selling used rims available. The prices I charge ranges from under $100 to just over that and are the most reasonable on the market for deliveries right across the United States.

Buying used rims can be a great cost saving if you’re looking for a replacement rim and rather than going to an expensive store it can be cheaper to come direct to a whole sale dealer selling used rims. I can help you select steel or alloy rims matched to the make and year of your vehicle to ensure that they are properly balanced and mounted to give you the best feel when driving your vehicle whether it’s a truck, SUV or a sports car. I always think individual preference is the key to buying the correct used rim so we will always try to match your requirements and give you as much information on used rims to help you to decide what used rims you want to buy.

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I noticed an ad for a shipping container for sale in my area. I thought this was odd because I don’t live anywhere near a port. I did some research and it turns out shipping containers are now being used for many things other than…well, shipping. For instance, some people are using the shipping containers to create homes. There are many other uses for the shipping containers, as well.

Some people have turned to using the containers for storage and it makes sense. The shipping containers are very secure—it would take a blow torch to get into one and they are too heavy to drive off with. They are also designed to withstand the elements so if you get one that is in good condition, you can feel assured that your belonging will be kept safe from bad weather. Although it is a good idea to add a bit of insulation if you live in a cold area.

Like my neighbor, people are also converting them for backyard studios or home offices. Apparently, the modifications can be done easily. You can cover the outside with building materials or leave the steel exposed, it depends entirely on the aesthetic you’re going for. Plus, shipping containers are so well-built and sturdy that you can use the top as a sort of roof top deck. My neighbor actually created a rooftop garden (with grass and potted plants), then put a table and chairs up there. It looks really nice and is very comfortable to walk across.

These are just some of the things I’ve found that people are doing with shipping containers, but there are literally dozens of uses on the Internet.

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Food trucks are becoming a bigger and bigger business everyday. I guess since our society has become so mobile and quick we expect the same things from everything in our life. Most food trucks provide a way to get some fantastic food in places where traditional restaurants are harder to come by. Sometimes they just change their location daily so that they may serve different customers everyday. For instance they may be in front of a high rise office building on Monday and Friday, near a shopping center on Tuesday and Thursday, and near the lake on Saturday and Sunday.

I have been considering buying a food truck. As you can tell, I have been doing some research on the popularity of food trucks. Before buying a food truck, I wanted to know if this was just a passing fad or a growing trend in the way people purchase their food. From what I have studied and read, it seems that food trucks are here to stay. Although I think their popularity may wane slightly in the next five years, I believe food trucks are a trend that is here to stay. I still have a lot of research to do before I make the leap into food truck ownership, such as the profit margins and the necessary licenses need to operate one where I live. But I am moving in the direction of food truck ownership. I think it will be a great investment for me that I hope will lead to even bigger business opportunities down the road.

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The Birthday KartMy younger brother had a group of friends when he was in his teens that were really into go kart racing.  They’d build their own and everything.  It was his favorite thing to do, until he got in to girls.  Then his old go kart days seemed to disappear.  He had been really into it though.

We were sitting around reminiscing about those days and he seemed to light up when I reminded him about the one he had built from the ground up.  Well the outside of it to say the least.  He never was a gear head and got into building engines for go karts or anything for that matter. I had such a great time sitting back drinking beers and wondering whatever happened to that old thing.

Anyway his birthday was coming up in a week and that conversation we had sealed the deal.  I was going to look at go karts for sale and find him one.  He could go for a ride for old time’s sake whenever he wanted to, or he could save it for his children if he ever settled down and had any.  This was going to be the perfect gift.

There it was a state of the art go kart, nothing like what was around when we were kids.  I had found a place with go karts for sale the day before yesterday and knew once I saw this one, it was his.  Well, long story short, he was speechless and took it for a ride with a smile he had that hasn’t left his face yet and that was a week ago.

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I think hedgehog sales are really good  business as they are very popular pets. They sell as babies for between $150 -$175 for a baby hedgehog. If you’ve got a special hedgehog , say a white one , you may be able to charge more.

I also sell an attractive package of information on how to feed and care for the hedgehog , toys and cages, as well as hedgehog food and bedding.  I find that these are a good add on for sales and increase my overall revenue considerably.

An important part of maintaining hedgehog sales is to have a great website. The website establishes my credentials as a breeder and how long I’ve been selling hedgehogs for. I have a blog where I discuss the different breeds of my hedgehogs, their colors and characteristics. I think this attracts the buyer and the kids who often encourage the parents to buy. The website is an essential tool for hedgehog sales because it attracts the buyer enough to give me a call and visit me to see the hedgehogs and decide which breed and color to select.   The blog and website keeps me in touch  with buyers who want advice and this relationship continues once the purchase of the hedgehog has been taken home and his owners may want advice from me on the care of their pet.

A key factor in hedgehog sales, I find, is the breeding period because I need to start selling the baby hedgehogs before they are weaned.

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PINBALL MACHINES FOR SALEWe are a modern Internet marketing and software development company, situated in San Francisco, and we treat our employees as valuable members of our corporate family. We have created a workplace culture where our talents are inspired to be as creative and motivated as possible. In the past we have introduced various ways to keep the workplace interesting – such as installing free vending machines, slides from upper levels and bean bag lounges. Most of our workforce is comprised of young adults in their early 30’s and through a series of research and development strategies, we have realized that in order to be innovative, they need the presence of various relics from the 80’s.

One of the coolest things that the majority of people selected on our ‘wish list’ was to install video arcade games. So we had to search for pinball machines for sale. Regardless of the retro feel to this particular kind of entertainment, it turned out to be quite popular. We found brand new pinball machines with various configurations and installed three of them in our offices. At first there were queues forming to play on these machines, and yet the productivity increased and we received some fantastic innovative ideas that we developed into products. When we started looking for pinball machines for sale on the Internet, we had no idea about the beneficial effect it would have on the staff’s moral and creativity. So glad that we could successfully incorporate great ideas of the past into our bright future!

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There are several considerations when purchasing a caravan park. Of course one of the most important considerations is the location of the caravan park. No one wants to live in or visit a caravan park that is in a bad location. But even if you find one that is located in the most beautiful location, it is important the caravan park can fit large caravans.

Manufacturers today are building larger and larger caravans. Some of the older caravan parks that are for sale can not hold the newer larger caravans. So if you are looking for a caravan park for sale, take a look at the spaces available for caravans. If you want newer caravans to fill your park, you may have to do some work on your lots to make them more suitable to the newer caravans. This may mean that two smaller lots are combined to make one larger one. This can cause a loss of income for caravan park owners. One way to recoup that loss is by charging premium prices for the newer larger spots.

Some newer caravan parks that are for sale already have spaces available for these larger caravans. It may be worth more money to purchase a newer park that is already set up for these caravans. When we purchased our caravan park, we decided buying a new park with this type of set up was easier and more cost effective than purchasing an old one that could only handle older caravans or would need reconfigured.

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A Ring to Last-Titanium RingsFinding a men’s ring can be one of the hardest decisions of your life. I couldn’t believe how hard of a time I was having going through all of the different styles, metals, and designs of rings. You don’t want to get something too flashy but at the same time you don’t want to get a dull, boring ring either. I went through literally hundreds of rings before finding the one type that I liked more than the rest; titanium rings.

There is one reason that I started preferring titanium rings to the other styles and metals; they were much lighter. I had never thought about the weight of wearing a ring much before but after going through and trying on countless rings you really start to notice a difference. I found that I really preferred having a lighter weight on my finger for the ring. For some reason my finger just felt really weighed down and heavy when I tried on any other metal. While they were basically the same size, the weight made them feel more bulky on my finger and harder to function with. I really noticed and difference and enjoyed the lightness of the titanium rings. Because I hadn’t really worn any rings before I was happy to find one that didn’t add any weight or take away from any normal movements that I was used to. I really felt like I wasn’t even wearing a ring at all.

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I saw a beautiful filigree mask at the store the other day. It was so intricate, I was sure it was made of plastic but when I touched it, I found out it was actually metal. When I got home, I did a little research and I learned that metal filigree masquerade masks are very popular right now. Their popularity is due in part to some currently hot books and TV shows that have featured the masks. While I don’t think people are wearing them as part of everyday attire (imagine grocery shopping in one!), the masquerade theme is becoming popular for birthday parties, small get-togethers, and even weddings.

The filigree masquerade mask is not a new design in masquerade masks. It has been around almost since Venetians started to wear masks to balls. At one time, the delicate filigree designs were used exclusively for women’s masks but now, there are many men’s masks that are metal filigree. Most filigree masks are black metal but some mask makers are branching out into other colors. One of the prettiest filigree masks I saw had the metal dyed to resemble peacock feathers. Silver colored masks are also popular, as are bronze and gold.

Most filigree masquerade masks are embellished with crystals to highlight the filigree design. With these metal masks, the filigree is always the focus, so they are never heavily adorned as that would pull attention away from the filigree.

Most filigree mask that you can buy are made from a flexible metal that can conform to your face and most tie on with satin ribbons, although it is possible to find handheld filigree masks.

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How to Sell a Family Business   no comments

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My parents ran a successful campground for all of my growing up years. When it came time for my parents to retire, none of us kids were interested in going into the family business. Rather than hire someone to manage the campground, my parents decided to sell it. This is just a little bit of the experience we had selling it.

Selling a campground was more challenging than I or my family thought it would be. For one thing, we had such an emotional attachment to the campground that we didn’t feel we were able to objectively price it. We got around this issue by getting an assessment. Although the assessment seemed low at the time (because of our emotional attachment) looking back at it, the campground was priced right where it needed to be. Honestly, without asking someone else to price the campground, we probably would never have sold it because we would have priced it high. Another thing we weren’t expecting was how many potential buyers would be interested in seller finance. This wasn’t an idea my parents were familiar with so they were very leery the first few times that potential buyers asked about seller finance. Simply put, seller finance is when the buyer gives the seller a certain percentage of the price (like a down payment) and then make monthly payments to the seller instead of to a bank. Once they found out more about seller finance, my parents thought it would be an ideal way to sell the family business since it allowed them to get a bit more money than they would have selling it for cash or to someone being financed by a bank.

Finally, if you are going to sell your family business, be prepared to be patient. It took nearly a year to sell it; much longer than the few months we thought it would take. This wasn’t necessarily a hardship, but it did delay my parents’ retirement by twelve months.

Written by admin on April 11th, 2014